All you really need to know  about me and this blog is that, as I sit here writing this, I’m currently wearing an ironically bought crop top that states “I Am Not a Blogger.”

And it’s true! I am a sad excuse for a  blogger, as this is probably close to my fifth attempt at blogging, and with no guarantee that the fifth time’s the charm. I do enjoy writing, and blogging – but I am also a creature of habit that doesn’t really stick to things.

Ergo, the title of this blog – take it as a fair warning. Sporadic this shall be, and sporadic it shall live (for the short while it does). My theory here is that if I’m honest with myself (and the few readers I may or may not accumulate) maybe I can trick myself into actually not being sporadic. SO yes, I am reverse psychology-ing myself – and yes, that is a word now.

So enjoy the sporadic value, while it lasts.