Okay, okay.

I’m a liar. A big fat liar, who is usually well dressed. Or dressed like a 12-year-old boy depending on the day.

But I digress.

I keep saying I’ll blog, throw up some nonsense and then disappear as fast as my Toms can take me. I don’t know why I do that, I’m a flawed human being.

But here we go again on this blogging trail.

The funny part is that I’ve had a blog linked in my Twitter and Instagram bio as if I’m a legitimate blogger – which clearly, I am not. (In case you were wondering, the Instagram is Pree.uh and the Twitter is PriPri4250; because who doesn’t want to follow a fake blogger?)

The even funnier part is that I forgot the password to that blog, ergo I’ve created an entirely new one, on an entirely different platform. You’re welcome.

I’m also saving my own butt with this new one; it’s right there in the title and URL, “The Sporadic Blogger”, so I can’t be punished for my sporadic blogging behavior – I’m just living up to the claim.

I is who I is.

But if my five followers are still out there, I’mma try this again.

I realize that I write when I’m in some sort of slump. And it’s during those slumpy moments where I think “yeah, I can make a habit of this. Fuck yeah. Let’s do this. Fuck you slump, I’mma blog my way outta this.” And then my brain’s like “LOL JK. You piece of shit. Go back to watching Bollywood movies from 2005 and continue this shlumpy shlump.”

So, the shlump is there, as is this blog. So, shall we?

To make this legit. I’mma post TWO THINGS AT ONCE.

That way, it’s totally valid for me to slack off immediately considering there’s TWO things for you to read.


 tv curb your enthusiasm larry david pretty good pretty pretty pretty good GIF

Welcome to my blegh.


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